Shade Chapter Three

Shade: One Light in the Darkness
Part 3
Originally posted 2/25/8
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To those with normal hearing, the ride would have been virtually silent. I, on the other hand, was acutely aware of Flam’s rapid breathing. If I focused I could hear the pounding of that poor wage slave’s heart. He was handling himself remarkably well though, even hard core runners tend to find it disconcerting to ride with me. For some the fact that I appear to be ignoring the road makes them uneasy. Others simply find their skin crawling when they look at the fiber optic cable linking my temple to the dash.

Since I frequently use my car as a secure meeting location, I had hoped to talk business while we rode. Unfortunately Flam appeared a little too tense for that. If I tried to talk now he’d probably be sick. Why did DMW send me this corpse? He knows I don’t mesh well with the inexperienced. There must be something special about this job, but what?

The payoff better be worth it, Flam’s lack of experience and professionalism meant that I had to compromise one of my safe houses. I can’t be seen talking with a blatant SINner about an extraction in public. The corps have their eyes and ears everywhere, I can’t risk having his, or my own, employer get wind of what’s happening.

By the harbor there is an abandoned warehouse owned by one of my aliases. Its in a wireless dead zone so Flam wouldn’t attract any extra attention. Assuming he followed a few simple rules, he’d be safe there while I handled his job and worked my normal day job. I wish I could drop everything and get him out of my hair, but the bosses get a little suspicious when I call in sick.

Who can blame them? NeoNet knows exactly what I am. I’m a deniable asset who proved too useful to leave on the market. They created Mark Greenboro so they could hire me. A company needs all types of professionals working for them and as long as I’m discrete they turn a blind eye to my shadowy endeavors.

Cresting a small hill, the darkened warehouse finally came into sight. Soon I could get some answers from Mr. Flam.

Shade Chapter Three

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