Misha Chapter Four

The Misadventures of Misha
Misha and the Troll, Part 4
Originally posted 7/6/7
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Finally the PIJEAN arrived! Right on time, by Shade’s standards. It started buzzing around her desk at approximately ten. Though she silently cursed whatever leverage he had which allowed him a flexible start time, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the drone. She was extremely glad that she made the drone as a gift in honor of his promotion. The sight of it brought relief from the stressful morning with a flood of sweet memories…

She thought back to making the Pesky Insect and how it was a masterpiece of engineering. The little drone was named in honor of the ancient times when people actually used pigeons to communicate. The name actually stands for “Pesky Insect Job Entertainment At NeoNET”, and while Misha does admit the name is rather forced it is the one project she is most proud of.

Unfortunately the next whisper of wind silenced the flow of memories. Still, as soon as Shade caught up on the morning memos, he’d say hello, and he’d help…

“Blast it!” She muttered. She had forgotten to check the morning messages with all the worry, and right on top was the Customer Privacy Policy reminder. That meant it was time for the annual training sessions and that Shade would not have a moment to spare today. When training comes around information security is high priority and high profile. She had no choice but to stare at the Pesky Insect as it settled on her monitor and hope that somehow Shade noticed the tears in the corners of her eyes…

Misha Chapter Four

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