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Runner Dossiers

Information is power. Information is money. If you are acting in the shadows someone is probably watching. Be careful what you expose to the public eye.

Runner Pages

Some runners choose to project a public face. This could be anything from a professional resume to personal blog.


Disclaimer: Even though I live in MA, I am not actually that familiar with Boston. As such do not be surprised if some things are noticeably different than reality.

Gear and Goods

This section is a mix of IC and OOC. See the individual pages for more info.

Laws and Regulations


Newbie's Corner

 I am primarily looking for players who are already familiar with the system, but I am not going to discourage enthusiastic newbies. New blood helps make things interesting. Here you can find some tips to help you ramp up faster.



Note: This section probably will NOT be IC, but I won't know for sure until I post. And yes, I do randomly latch onto names for inspiration.

Mission History

External Resources

 Note:The links below are not necessarily canon for this campaign.

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