SADM Resume

Handle- SADM
Purpose- To find employment in security consultation and security vulnerability testing. To NARC for the Knights Errant.

Primary Specialization- Close to Mid range Combat
Secondary Specialization- Demolitions
Tertiary Specialization- Reconnaissance

English (Advanced)
Sperethiel (Proficient)

Action Locations: Middle East, Amazonia, Europe, Tir Na Nog, Yucatan Penninsula
Actions taken with: “Boston Security Group”

Action Duties

Middle East

  • Guard Iraqi Oil Holdings from Terrorists


  • Manage Logistics


  • Serve as body guard for a [metatype withheld] of age 14 by the name of [name withheld]
    Tour ended when subject turned 18 and did not file for extension of protection contract.
    Subject known to be alive as of 2-2072


  • Defend Amazonian holdings from Atzlan sympathizers
  • 85% casualty rate amongst “Boston Security Group”. Resulted in disbanding of group.

Current location- Boston Hell after being executed for crimes against the community
Willing to relocate if reasonable employment offer extended

e-mail –

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SADM Resume

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