Machine Gun Sisters

Initially formed by a group of shadowrunners to infiltrate The Dead End club, these individuals impressed Erk with their natural talent. He was well aware they were simply trying to gain admitance to a sold out show by Perpetual Deviation, but the zen-like state their post industrial trance music imposed, combined with the guts their approach required, left a mild impression on him, enough for him to make them the opening act.

They were received to rave reviews by the concert goers and shortly thereafter began working on their EP. The founders will occasionally work with other musical talent when they perform and are slowly expanding their fan base.

One memorable aspect of their performance is their interpretation of pyrotechnics. They have a drone rigged to fire off flares from a modified M202 Machine gun rather than the standard use of flares and fireworks. This gives them more flexibility in their usage as well as earned them a fake license for a highly restricted weapon.

Formed August 6th, 2072.


  • Steve (female)
  • Jinx (female)
  • Various guest performers

OOC Information

At Anime Boston 2013, as part of the Beware the Auditors mission, two players decided they would infiltrate The Dead End as the opening act. They really just wanted an excuse to use the Zen Meditation skill on the Street Samurai pregens they both played.

They did not actually use their machine gun for pyrotechnics, nor did they have a drone, but they did insist on bringing one (unloaded). I figure it was an appropriate bit of additional fluff.

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As part of a contest for Shadowrun Chronicles I expanded on them a bit. I’ll merge the changes into this wiki later, but for now you can view it HERE

Machine Gun Sisters

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