Golden Shamrock

The Golden Shamrock is a fine dining establishment serving the needs of the upper middle class. The restaurant has a strict no weapons policy which is efficiently enforced by the Knights Errant. Customers who feel the need to travel armed can rent a locker outside the establishment to safely store their weapons while they eat. There is a coat check in the entrance where armor can be checked as well.

The restaurant requires its patrons to run their PAN in active mode, broadcasting their SIN at all times.

The interier is classy, with real wood and gold and green accents. The only decoration which is mildly gaudy is the giant golden shamrock at the front entrance. The walls have finely done painting with various scenes from Irish mythology.

Customers typically wear business casual clothing (OOC: clothing is covered by middle lifestyle or can be purchased for 100 nuyen.)

The menu consists of real meat and vegitable options for many Irish meals. There are no soy options on the menu. A typical meal for two will cost about 100 nuyen.

Golden Shamrock

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