Have Box Will Travel

May 5th, 2072
Flying is no fun at all. They put you in a little box and then they put the box into a completely dark room. Its loud, and stuffy, and the next thing you know your ears are popping! And they didn’t strap it down securely either… I was rattled all around. If I ever have to fly again I’ll pretend to be someone’s lapfox so I can actually go in the plane’s cabin.

This particular flight didn’t give me much choice though. It was an international postal flight from Japan to the California Free State. There I switched boxes and was shipped to Boston. I’m just glad I was shipped priority. Going without food for 3 days was bad enough.

So now I’m here! The air smells funny, and I owe a bucket of money, but at least I’m not being poked and prodded in some MCT research lab.


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