FA Core

A mercenary core commanded by Mech. They have a very strong reputation and are known to be highly professional and to have a clean record.

Commander: Mech
Sub Commander: Shox


  • Marlone – Dwarf Rigger (deceased: 6/29/72)
  • Shimm – Elf Mage

Known Tactics:

They are skilled at blitzkrieg attacks, often scouting an area first on motorcycles, followed up by an assault with heavy troops and spirits. After the initial shock the experienced troops show up and mop up.

Known Gear:

Standard troops are equipped with Armor Vests and Ingram Smartguns.
Elite troops are equipped with Armor Jackets, possibly with Form fitting armor, FN HAR assault rifles, and a melee weapon of some sort.
Mages are equipped with foci to sustain increased reflexes and armor.

FA Core

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