Character Creation SR5

Character creation follows the normal rules as outlined in the core rulebook (p62-107), with one exception. Since we want to keep power levels more or less equal, all new characters created after campaign start will receive some “backpay” in the form of nuyen and karma. They will not however, receive the contacts or bonus gear that they might have for actually undertaking the mission. The backpay will be reduced by taxes (if applicable) and lifestyle costs as if you were playing from the start of the campaign.

All backpay is considered “post-creation resources” and should be spent after the character is made using the regular creation rules. However, this does allow you to buy some items not normally allowed at creation, such as anything with an Availability higher than 12, or start with skill/attribute ratings higher than normal (though still limited by your maximums). You must still be able to afford any items or upgrades as though you bought it after creation.

If you are unsure about a character build or want to use any of the more “exotic” options, you should talk to me first. Although not yet implemented, this includes Infected races (HMHVV), sapient critters, changelings, AIs, drakes, and shapeshifters. Approval will be determined on a case by case basis.

The most you can gain from negative Qualities or spend on positive ones is 35 Karma each (so maxing out both results in a net 0 Karma change).

You are required to have a lifestyle, even if it is street.

You can have AT MOST one attribute at 1. It doesn’t make sense that a runner would be horribly deficient in more than one area.

It is STRONGLY suggested you have at least one rank in Perception; I call for a lot of perception checks. If you are capable of astral perception, you should be trained in Assensing as well.

As per the rules, you get 3 X (Logic + Intuition) free knowledge points. Additional knowledge points can be purchased for 1 karma at character creation. Knowledge specializations are also 1 knowledge/karma point, but any skill can only have one specialization (if any) at creation.

No items with availability greater than 12 are allowed to starting characters. If you have a lifestyle greater than street or squatter you are required to have a fake SIN (or real SIN) tied to it.

All contacts must be approved. You must submit a name and basic type of contact they are. You are encouraged to provide fluff as well (otherwise you’ll be stuck with whatever I give you). Starting characters should not have contacts with Connection ratings greater than 3. Starting characters should PURCHASE Lynx as a 3 point contact (starting Connection 2, Loyalty 1). They must start with at least ONE other contact and may have up to 4 total starting contacts.

All characters must have a commlink and a lifestyle. Choosing “Street” is an acceptable lifestyle (but good luck keeping your stuff safe when you’re not around).

Characters CANNOT have mysterious cyberware or implanted bombs. I do not want to deal with that.

Characters should have at least a limited backstory. Why are they in Boston? They should be new to the running scene, even if they aren’t new to the area.

There is a character generator spreadsheet that you might find useful. It is available at dumpshock, which is the place to go for shadowrun forums.

Players are encouraged to seek out useful tools for character creation. I currently recommend Hero Lab.

Contact me with any questions!
- ledeir
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Character Creation SR5

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