Shadow Lives

Where were you when the dragon fell?

I’m not entirely sure if anyone is still checking this, but I finally received my copy of the lockdown sourcebook so my thoughts have returned to the future of my Boston setting.

As most of you know, I tend to incorporate bits and pieces from previous campaigns into future ones.

WMC was created for my first Shadowrun campaign, before I read anything beyond the core rulebook. Murdock was a Shadowrun Missions character for one of my players. Erk was another PC turned NPC due to general coolness factor. The Machine Gun Sisters were a highly amusing pair of players at a convention. There are numerous other references as well!

I also know several of you explicitly said you wanted to be merged into the setting. Maynard for instance was trying to become a face.

SO… That leads to the title question.
The campaign ended approximately 2073 (there still is one open mission that needs to be run).
Lockdown happens 2075 or 76… I can’t remember offhand.

Where were you when the dragon fell?
Some of you probably we long gone from the cities, others may have stayed around.
And even if you were still there, you all had at least some time to flee…

Let me know!


ledeir ledeir

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