Shadow Lives

Templecon 2014

Back from Templecon alive and mostly recovered.
Driving there and back isn’t too bad, but walking from the overflow parking lot to the hotel was another story… Brrr…

Both games went well and I was pleased with the amount of interest.
Next time I’ll need to prep more in advance, though the lack of prep resulted in my Saturday game being much better than written.

Chasing the Wind – All objectives completed, though some of the team were hesitant to work with all parties. This is a fairly easy mission to run, though I look forward to having more Chicago missions available since it doesn’t really have the right feel to it.

Manhunt – The players thoroughly surprised me by decided that they wanted to defend the farm and investigate the next day. As a reward they got to fight hordes of squirrels. In the winter. They also managed to skip the investigation part of things but that was largely due to timing.

Upcoming Convention Schedule

There are 3 conventions coming up that I’m paying attention to, 2 of which I plan to work.

Anime Boston – March 21st to 23rd.

Here is the tentative schedule
Session 1 – Friday 2PM – 4PM
Intro to 5th Edition Shadowrun and Food Fight
A brief introduction to shadowrun followed by a short mission.

Session 2 – Friday 7PM – 11PM
Shadowrun – Manhunt
The runners are hired to head out to the Barrens and bail ex-Lone Star Officer Hua out from under a paracritter siege.

Session 3 – Saturday Noon – 2PM
Intro to 5th Edition Shadowrun and Food Fight
A brief introduction to shadowrun followed by a short mission.

Session 4 – Saturday 2PM – 6PM
Shadowrun – Carbon Copy
The runners are hired to track down a copy cat killer before he collects more victims.

Session 5 – Sunday 11 AM – 3PM
Shadowrun – Ashes
What was supposed to be a simple courier job burns out of control.

PAX East

PAX East is April 11th to 13th I believe. I considered working it. They are demo focused and don’t actually have scheduled full length missions. Seeing as how this year is a bit hectic, and how SR5 (and other games to be demoed) need some more break-in time, I decided to pass on it. Still, if you do show, you should be able to test out some of the games which were promised last year (like crossfire).


CTCon is July 10th to 13th. Of course this is also the weekend of a wedding (not mine, a pair of friends). Fortunately I believe the wedding is in Sturbridge making it just as easy to attend from CT as from MA. I am unsure what my schedule will look like, but I expect to do either 2 full length missions Friday and one Sunday or a food fight run and a mission on both Friday and Sunday.

More detail to follow
And obviously I’ll need to do another practice run at some point.


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