Shadow Lives

Shadowrun Minis

To any who are interested, Iron Wind Metals has some decent shadowrun minis.

It doesn’t hurt to check it out.

Also, I am debating if I will run a mission at WPI’s Gaming Weekend.

Here are the options


You are hired by a member of the Ork underground for a simple courier job. As usual things end up “burning” out of control. Its a bit linear, but with the proper group there can be a LOT of role playing and thinking. I ran it at Anime Boston in under 2 hours, and its really easy to keep the pressure up and the game flowing, but it would require a group of like minded players. Though there is combat at the end, it is not a good mission for players who just want to blow stuff up.

Mysterious Island

Investigation heavy mission which may or may not involve any combat. This SR4 mission would NOT be new player friendly and would be better run at a private gaming day. It is one of the last two “Pawns” missions. You may remember seeing some fluff about it ;)

Witch House Extraction

This would likely be a combat heavy SR5 mission. The runners are hired for a rather unique extraction, unfortunately they don’t learn all the rules until its too late. Not only is survival questionable, so is whether or not you get paid. ;)


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