Kitsune (Japanese fox spirit) adept; loves to play tricks; GMPC


The following is a comprehensive data sheet of Kit. This is not intended to be an in-game resume and should be treated as out-of-game. If a client (or operative) wants a resume, ask me directly (as a message or comment, for example) and I’ll give you what would be available.

AE: Shadowrun 4E Anniversary Edition || Ar: Arsenal || RC: Runner’s Companion || Un: Unwired

(G) Grouped Skill (not necessarily same group)

Weapon mods are from Arsenal 147-153, commlink mods from Unwired 196-198, and program mods from Unwired 114-117. Advanced lifestyles are detailed in Runner’s Companion 149-165.

Personal Data
Name: Kit Alias: Kit Metatype: Shifter(fox) Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 16 Sex: Male Height: 5’6" Weight: 115 lbs.
Total Karma 30 Current Karma 3 Street Cred 3+1=4 Notoriety 1 PA 1+1=2
Body 3 Total Edge 1
Agility 6(7) Current Edge 1
Reaction 6(7) Essence 6
Strength 2 Magic 7
Charisma 3 Initiative 11(12)
Intuition 5 Initiative Passes 2 M2/3
Logic 2 Matrix Initiative n/n+1
Willpower 4 Astral Initiative 10
Core Combat Info
Primary Armor Leather Vest with Mystic Armor 9/7
Custom Medium Crossbow DV 5P AP - Mode SA RC 1 Ammo 4/m
Burning Strike w/ Hardliner Gloves Reach - DV 2P(3P) Fire AP half
Condition Monitor
Physical Damage Boxes: 10 Stun Damage Boxes: 10 Matrix Damage Boxes: n
Skill Rating Specialization Misc DP Mod Attribute Type
Climbing(G) 1 - - Strength Active
Gymnastics(G) 1 - - Agility Active
Running(G) 1 - - Strength Active
Swimming(G) 1 - - Strength Active
Con(G) 2 - - Charisma Active
Etiquette(G) 2 - - Charisma Active
Leadership(G) 2 - - Charisma Active
Negotiation(G) 2 - - Charisma Active
Navigation(G) 1 - - Intuition Active
Survival(G) 1 - - Willpower Active
Tracking(G) 1 - - Intuition Active
Disguise(G) 3 - - Intuition Active
Infiltration(G) 3 - - Agility Active
Palming(G) 3 - - Agility Active
Shadowing(G) 3 - - Intuition Active
Astral Combat 1 - - Willpower Active
Unarmed Combat 2 Killing Hands - Agility Active
Archery 2 Crossbows +2 smartlink Agility Active
Dodge 1 - - Reaction Active
Perception 2 - +2 vision enhancement Intuition Active
Assensing 1 Metahuman Auras - Intuition Active
Escape Artist 1 - - Agility Active
Locksmith 2 - - Agility Active
Hardware 1 Maglocks - Logic Active
Forest Wildlife 4 - - Intuition Knowledge
Pranks 4 - - Intuition Knowledge
Urban Legends 2 - - Intuition Knowledge
Superstitions 2 - - Intuition Knowledge
History 2 - - Logic Knowledge
Residential Security 2 - - Logic Knowledge
Popular Entertainment 1 - - Intuition Knowledge
Language Rating Specialization
English 4 -
Japanese N -
Name Notes Reference
Duel Natured Part of being a shifter AE
Shift(Human) Appears to be a Japanese teenager with thick reddish brown hair and red eyes. He has a bushy fox tail. RC
Regeneration Roll B+M at the end of each combat turn (not IP) and heal that many physical or stun boxes. Doesn’t heal magic injuries or instant kills. AE
Enhanced Senses Hearing, Low Light Vision, Smell, Taste. Part of being a shifter AE
Improved Reflexes Rating 1, +1R, +1IP AE
Traceless Walk Can move over surfaces without leaving any traces. -4 to hear him moving. Does not trigger ground based traps.
Killing Hands Can do physical damage with unarmed attacks AE
Elemental Strike – Fire Simple action to activate for M turns. Attacks do fire damage SM
Mystic Armor Rating 3, 3/3 Armor AE
Increased Agility Rating 1, +1A AE
Critical Strike Rating 1, +1 Unarmed DV AE
Name Notes Type Reference
Adept - pos AE90
Compulsive Coward composure(2) to resist fleeing neg RC107/House Ruled
Compulsive Trickster composure(2) to resist a clever prank neg RC107/House Ruled
Incompetent – Firearms unaware of how to use firearms neg AE95/House Ruled
Incompetent – Pilot unaware of how to pilot vehicles neg AE95/House Ruled
Gremlins LVL1 – one fewer one required to glitch with electronics neg AE94
In Debt Owe Yakuza 7500 plus 10% interest a month neg RC105
Day Job 10 hours/week 1000 nuyen neg RC103
Severe Silver Allergy 1P/min, -4 penalty, silver weapons +4DV, prevents regeneration neg AE
Silver Vulnerability
IDs, Lifestyles, & Currency
ID Rank Primary Lifestyle Nuyen Licenses
Sato Katsutoshi 1 Low, paid monthly ??? ¥ None
Kōichi Sakakibara 6 - ??? ¥ None
Name Type Connection Loyalty
Lynx Fixer 2 1
Prof. Creaks Magic Professor 5 1
Prof Albrecht History Professor (Seattle) 2 1
Sir Bonte special 3 -1
Sphytz Wusiwug Forger 1 1
Tools Armorer 3 1
Armor Ballistic/Impact Notes
Leather Jacket 2/2 Fire Resistant Lvl2, Non-conductive Lvl 2, Thermal Dampening Lvl 2, “punk” decoration
Obvious Armor Vest 6/4 Fire Resistant Lvl3, Non-conductive Lvl 3
Chameleon Suit 6/4 Thermal Dampening Lvl 4, Fire Resistant Lvl4, Non-conductive Lvl 4
Ranged Weapon DV AP Modes RC Ammo
Customized Medium Crossbow 5P - SA 1 4m
Ammo Weapon DV AP* QTY Notes
Regular Bolts Medium Crossbow As Weapon - 20
Stick and Shock Bolts Medium Crossbow 6S(e) half 10
Melee Weapon DV AP Reach Notes
Hands (Str/2)S or P - -
Hardliner Gloves (Str/2)+1 P - -
Obsidian Knife (Str/2)+1 P -1 - Rose etched handle with lines of orichalcum in blade
Shock Gloves 5 S Electrical -half - -
Fox Fire (Str/2)P Fire half -
Fox Fire w/ Gloves (Str/2)+1 P Fire half -
Bite/Claw (Str/2)+2 P - -1
Gear Location Notes
Mask at home Kitsune
Subvocal Mic collar on neck AE328
Commlink collar on neck R3,Si3,Sy3,F3
AR Gloves at home
Trodes at home
Magical Lodge Materrial at home R7
Reflective Glasses at home R4 with image link, flare compensation,R2 vision enhancement, spare pair
Reflective Glasses head R2 with image link, flare compensation and smartlink
Contacts head R3 with flare compensation and R2 vision enhancement
Earbuds head R3 with R3 select sound filter
Gecko Tape Gloves pack
Other Location Notes
Stealth Tags varies x9
Mapsoft Commlink Catacombs 2
Tools Location Notes
Tag Eraser pack
Hardware Toolkit pack
Auto-picker pack R6
Key-card Copier pack R6
Lock-pick Set pack
Sequencer pack R4
Maglock Passkey pack R4
Name Rank Mods Misc DP Mod Type Notes
None n - - Common Use AE#
Item Market Sell Market Buy Availability Condition Additional Info
Stolen Books from Bonte 5000 (split two ways) - - looted

Advanced Lifestyle (Registered to Anzu Kyuusai): 10LP (Low; originally 2,000¥, now 1,100¥)
Comforts 2, Entertainment 2, Necessities 3, Neighborhood 2, Security 3

Quiet Neighborhood
Poor Condition (hot summers), Trigger-Happy Landlord, Worse Neighbors (bunkaru parlor)

BusyBuddy drone
Horizon MajorDomo CHN w/ Middle HMSS


Kitsune (Japanese fox spirit)

Kyuusai thinks he’s cute.


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