Anzu Kyuusai

Japanese hacker, works for Mitsuhama Comp Tech


The following is a comprehensive data sheet of Kyuusai. This is not intended to be an in-game résumé and should be treated as out-of-game. If a client (or operative) wants a résumé, ask me directly (as a message or comment, for example) and I’ll give you what would be available. This includes MCT, whom would know the most.

AE: Shadowrun 4E Anniversary Edition || Ar: Arsenal || RC: Runner’s Companion || Un: Unwired

(G) Grouped Skill (not necessarily same group)

Weapon mods are from Arsenal 147-153, commlink mods from Unwired 196-198, and program mods from Unwired 114-117. Advanced lifestyles are detailed in Runner’s Companion 149-165.

Personal Data
Name: Anzu Kyuusai Alias: /usr/bin/grrl Metatype: Elf Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 22 Sex: Female Height: 5’9" Weight: 140lbs.
Total Karma 76 Current Karma 10 Street Cred 8 Notoriety 1 PA 3
Body 3 Total Edge 2
Agility 4 Current Edge 2
Reaction 4(5) Essence 4.24
Strength 3 Magic/Resonance none
Charisma 4 Initiative 9(10)
Intuition 5 Initiative Passes 1(2) M2/4
Logic 6 Matrix Initiative 12/13
Willpower 3 Astral Initiative none
Core Combat Information
Primary Armor special 9/7
Primary Ranged Weapon DV 4P/6S(e) AP —/ – half Mode SA/BF RC 2(3) Ammo 30/c
Primary Melee Weapon Reach 1 DV 6S(e) AP -half 12 charges
Condition Monitor
Physical Damage Boxes: 10 Stun Damage Boxes: 10 Matrix Damage Boxes: 12
Skill Rating Specialization Misc DP Mod Attribute Type
Computer(G) 4 - - Logic Active
Cybercombat(G) 4 - - Logic Active
Data Search(G) 4 - +2 Logic Active
Dodge 4 Ranged - Reaction Active
Electronic Warfare(G) 4 - - Logic Active
Etiquette 3 - - Charisma Active
First Aid 1 - - Logic Active
Gunnery 2 - - Agility Active
Hacking(G) 4 Exploit - Logic Active
Hardware(G) 4 - - Logic Active
Negotiation 3 - - Charisma Active
Perception 3 - +3 Intuition Active
Pilot Anthroform 1 - - Reaction Active
Pistols 4 Light - Agility Active
Software(G) 4 - +2 Logic Active
Anime 2 Hentai - Intuition Knowledge
Conspiracy Theories 2 - - Intuition Knowledge
Hacker Forums 3 - - Intuition Knowledge
Operating Systems 3 - - Logic Knowledge
Pornography 3 - - Intuition Knowledge
Security Design 5 - - Logic Knowledge
Security Procedures 5 - - Logic Knowledge
VR Games 1 Simulators - Intuition Knowledge
Language Rating Specialization
English N Lingo: ’133tspeak
Japanese N Lingo: Corporate
Sperethiel 4 -
Name Notes Type Reference
Addiction (Mild, Pornography) cravings 1/week, -2DP to resist Negative AE93
Analytical Mind +2DP certain Logic tests, +2DP Data Search and Software Positive RC96
Bilingual second natural language Positive RC96
Day Job work 20hrs/week for 2,500¥/month Negative RC103
Photographic Memory - Positive AE92
SINner(MCT) - Negative AE95
Speed Reading - Positive RC101
Unusual Hair(Blue) naturally blue hair Negative RC119
IDs, Lifestyles, & Currency
ID Rating Primary Lifestyle Nuyen Licenses
Kyuusai Anzu Legal Low, 6 months 63,028¥ Pistols
Natalia Ayanami 4 none Credstick (310¥) Pistols (fake,4)
Name Type Connection Loyalty
Black Wolf AI 1 1
Cerra Mr. Johnson 1 2
Das Bartender 2 1
Doc Skav Street Doc 2 1
Echigoya Fixer 3 4
generic Green contact Mr. Johnson - -
Joe Dirt Mr. Johnson 2 2
Lucian Dirge Fixer 4 1
Lynx Mr. Johnson 2 2
Prof. Creaks Mage 5 1
Marc Greenboro Corp Spider 5 1
Murdock Coyote 2 1
Ouranos Fasya Talismonger 3 1
Ratz Mage 2 1
Shade Syndicate Johnson 5 2
Silas Fisher Code Monkey 1 1
Sir Bonte special 3 3
Sphytz Wusiwug ID Monger 1 1
Augument Rating Type Notes
Datajack A Cyberware AE339
Sleep Regulator S Bioware AE347
Wired Reflexes 1A Cyberware AE342
Armor Ballistic/Impact Notes
Aces High Jacket 3/3 Diamonds Ar46
Fire Resistance 3 Nonconductivity 3
Forearm Guards +0/+1 Discreet Ar49
Full-Body Suit 6/2 Ar48
IL Coverall 5/4 Ar46 (made to look as on cover of RC)
Robes, Shadow Priest 6/4 looted from shadow priests
Shin Guards +0/+1 Discreet Ar49
Shin Guards +0/+1 Obvious Ar49
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6 AE326-327
Vitals Protector +1/+1 Discreet Ar49
Ranged Weapon DV AP Modes RC Ammo
Ares Predator IV 5P -1 SA/BF 1(2) 15/c
10c reg, 4c stick’n’shock, 1c gel Personalized Grip, Powered Folding Stock Firing Selection (BF), Tracker
Fichetti Security 600 4P - SA/BF 2(3) 30/c
1c reg, 2c stick’n’shock, 1c APDS, 1c gel int. smartlink, Gas Vent 2, Powered Folding Stock Firing Selection (BF), Tracker silencer
Yamaha Pulsar 6S(e) -half SA - 4(m)
4 reg darts
Melee Weapon DV AP Reach
Kris (Str/2+1)P
Stun Baton 6S(e) -half 1
12 charge cap.
Survival Knife (Str/2+1)P -1
Gear Location Notes
AR Gloves hands
Commlink left forearm R7,Si6,F7,Sy7
Armor 10, Hardening 6 Simsense Accelerator Stealth Tag
Commlink closet R5,Si5,F5,Sy5
Datachip (2) Datajack
Demolitions Kit safe stash Rate 2
Earbuds Rate 3
Audio Enhancement 3 Select Sound Filter 3 Spacial Recognizer 3
Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit stash Ar65
Gas Mask backpack(?) air 1hr
Goggles closet Rate 3
FlashComp, Image Link, Smartlink Stealth Tag
Goggles head Rate 6
FlashComp, Image Link, Smartlink Thermographic, VisionEnh(3), VisionMag Security Tag, Stealth Tag
Hidden Arm Slide right arm holsters Predator IV
Outfit secret nook Industrial Mechanic
Outfit closet Runner (as on cover of RC)
matching mask (50¥ value)
Sim Module (hot) Datajack AE226
Smart Jammer (area) on person Rate 6 Ar58
Subvocal Mic neck AE328
Other Location Notes
BTL Recordings Simdeck Dreamchips
Leechband wrist Ar65
Mapsoft Commlink Boston 6
Mapsoft Commlink Catacombs 2
Mapsoft Commlink Concord 6
Mapsoft Commlink Lowell 6
Mapsoft Commlink New Hampshire 6
Mapsoft Commlink Massachusetts 6
Mapsoft Commlink Tewksbury 6
Mapsoft Commlink Worcester 6
Sim Recordings Simdeck
Simdeck home Un200
Stealth Tag
Stim Patch (6) pouch Rate 3 AE338
Stim Patch (3) pouch Rate 6 AE338
Trauma Patch (2) pouch AE338
VR Game Simdeck SteelBattallion
Tools Location Notes
Medkit on person Rate 5
PocketMage Library Commlink Rate 3
Satellite Link home
Tag Eraser on person AE330
Toolkit (Hardware) home
Name Rating Mods Misc DP Mod Type Notes
Analyze 4 Ergonomic - Common Use CUP Suite Pro
Armor 5 Crashguard, Ergonomic - Hacking
Attack 5 - - Hacking
Biofeedback 5 Ergonomic - Hacking
Black Hammer 3 - - Hacking
Browse 4 - - Common Use CUP Suite Pro
Command 2 - - Common Use CUP Suite Pro
Decrypt 5 - - Hacking
Defuse 5 Mute - Hacking
ECCM 3 - - Hacking
Edit 4 - - Common Use CUP Suite Pro
Encryption 5 - - Common Use
Exploit 5 Ergonomic, Mute - Hacking
Medic 3 - - Hacking
Scan 5 - - Common Use
Spoof 5 - - Hacking
Stealth 5 Crashguard - Hacking
Virtual Pet - - - ARE (TBD pet)
Item Handling Accel Speed Pilot/Sensor Body/Armor
WMC Fly-Spy +1 3/15 10 4/4 1/0
Low-light Thermal Ultrasound
Item Market Sell Market Buy Availability Condition Additional Info
Ares Predator IV hot 350¥ 4R used,looted BF mod
Fichetti Security 600 45¥ 450¥ 6R used,looted
HK 227-X 80¥ 800¥ 8R used,looted 1c reg ammo

Special Items:

  • Immortal Flower, 1 dose (Ar77). It currently serves as a decoration in her apartment.
  • Magecuffs (Ar66)
  • What I presume to be Cerra’s entire contact list.
  • Ornate, but “dark”, ceremonial dagger from the Nature Hike mission.

Advanced Lifestyle (Anzu Kyuusai): 10LP (Low; originally 2,000¥, now 1,100¥)
Comforts 2, Entertainment 2, Necessities 3, Neighborhood 2, Security 3

Quiet Neighborhood
Poor Condition (hot summers), Trigger-Happy Landlord, Worse Neighbors (bunkaru parlor)

BusyBuddy drone
Horizon MajorDomo CHN w/ Middle HMSS


Kyuusai was born to a Japanese elf mother, Anzu Sakura (Sakura Anzu in English), and UCAS elf father, Joseph Smith. When they legally married in Neo-Tokyo, Joseph decided to follow Japanese tradition and use his wife’s surname. Due to the multinationality of her parents, Kyuusai became fluent with both Japanese and English as a matter of course. She also learned Sperethiel to better understand her elven “heritage” and to be able to communicate with the elven nations on even grounds.

Sakura Anzu was simultaneously a citizen of the Japanese Imperial State and of Mitsuhama Computer Technology, working as a Chief of Electronic and Matrix Security. Kyuusai showed much promise and passion for technology and the ‘trix from an early age, even modifying her KiddyLink herself. When she turned sixteen, she joined MCT as a part-time employee in their R&D division, especially Electronic and Matrix Security. Under her mother’s tutelage, she quickly became one of the best young hackers in all of Kyoto and several other regions.

When she turned 21, Kyuusai Anzu moved to Boston, MA, UCAS as part of a program (Project Otter) by MCT to further improve their security and general knowledge by studying foreign centers of business, commerce, and technology and “sampling” their security designs and procedures. Any additional information “found”, such as new product specs or useful dirt, were also to be handed to MCT, with compensation to be determined either upon the employee’s return or upon receiving the data, as agreed per instance.

As a runner, Kyuusai has shown herself to have a distinct humanitarian streak. She clearly favors Stick’n’Shock ammo over more lethal or even conventional rounds, and she’s repeatedly done jobs for Dig Town for only the cost of expenses. She also spares innocent bystanders when possible, even ones (unbeknownst to them) used as part of a mission.

Contact Descriptions:

  • Black Wolf. Met in the Ghost in the Machine mission. Formerly known as Project Obsidian, its name takes after its avatar, a large, black wolf. It made the Project Obsidian node into its home node, decorating it with a Halloween theme.
  • Cerra. Met in the Animal House mission. Is noticeably jealous of me because I happen to suit her handler‘s tastes. I’ve offered to help her with anything she needs, especially regarding her handler. Helped save her in the Escape Velocity mission, as well as in Nature Hike.
  • Das. Met in the Special Delivery mission. A nice bartender that loves his job. Works at the Dead End Bar.
  • Doc Skav. Met in the Pest Control mission.
  • Echigoya: A childhood friend of Kyuusai. He is charismatic and has a knack of getting whatever he wants, but he hates politics and is generally distrustful of the major corporations, MCT included. He became a Fixer to take advantage of his talents and maintain his personal freedom. He and Kyuusai still keep in touch.
  • Joe Dirt. Met in the Enlightenment mission.
  • Lucian Dirge. Met in the Garage Sale 2 mission. Member of the Neo Anarchists. Likes big guns.
  • Lynx
  • Marc Greenboro. Met in the Ghost in the Machine mission.
  • Murdock. Met in
  • Ouranos Fasya. Met in The Uninvited.
  • Prof. Creaks. Referred to by Echigoya. Bought the fleshy book from Kit.
  • Ratz. Met in the Pest Control mission.
  • Shade: Cerra’s handler. Works for the Syndicate. Any building or territory, particularly within the Boston sprawl, with his insignia or his handle is under his jurisdiction. Known SINs: [see Player Secret].
    1. Do not talk about the Syndicate.
    2. Do not contact him directly; make it be known that one wishes to contact him (e.g. through Cerra, Erk, or Das).
    3. Do not spread his identity.
    4. Do as he asks.
  • Silas Fisher. Met in the Job Transfer mission.
  • Sir Bonte: Met in The Hunt mission. Tamanous contact: can be used for things associated with Tamanous, such as organ legging (“donations”) and used cyberware. He got into debt with Tamanous (presumably paid off by the hunt), and his Captain of Guard was not always a ghoul (presumably transformed by the same group). Kit stole two of his books, including a peculiar, fleshy one.
  • Sphytz Wusiwug.

Known Runners:

  • Anansi: Rigger and Hacker, although not as good at the latter as myself. Has many agents and modded drones. Known SINs: Andy [something]
  • Apollo: Summoner. Elf. Owes me a favor for helping save his house. Known SINs: Nick Andrew.
  • Big Mac: Firearms expert. No known relationship to McDonalds megachain.
  • Carrigan: Melee fighter.
  • Dwagon: DECEASED. A troll that really broke the mould; intelligent, intuitive, kind, and generous. Street doc. Possibly used to be a combat medic or something (he does have milspec body armor and a Panther). A little too jump-to-action for his own sake.
  • Etrine: A face that’s good with guns and is fairly serious. Elf. Likes mint. Can fix and mod guns. Known SINs: Farwyl Istea.
  • Freyja Ericsson: Rigger and mechanic. Human. All-around tinkerer. Originally from the Midwest, is looking for traces of her father. I have exact coordinates to her workshop. I did some research on a brief excerpt from a diary that she owns, which I’ve determined to use English grammar but Serif characters.
  • Grinder: DECEASED. Stereotypical troll (but extra stupid). Has a big axe.
  • Guido: Professional mafia enforcer. Female troll. Seems to have gender issues.
  • Jack Myrmidon: An Englishman with an overactive Irish fighting spirit. Human. Doesn’t like to take no for an answer. Also has a claymore, over which he is more than clinically obsessed.
  • Khazad: Mage. Dwarf.
  • Kit: A cute kitsune (actually an Awakened fox) from the motherland (i.e. Japan). Likes tricks, hates dogs, and is a decent dancer. Hunted by MCT for study and in debt to Yakuza. Currently lives with me.
  • Leallyn: Mage. Does not like combat or WMC.
  • Leife: A shaman. Female human. GMGFPC.
  • Lily: A very good face.
  • Lorrel: A mage. CAN HEAL.
  • Maynard: A face that’s also a good animal handler. Ork. Known SINs: Maynard Rhodes. (there’s always someone that uses their actual name as a handle…)
  • Mellawn: Melee fighter.
  • Content Not Found: seldirima: Akimbo gunner. Has mood hair.
  • Pyrrhus: DECEASED. Jack-of-all-trades. Known SINs: Derrick Ryan
  • Quiver: Adept that specializes in archery. Easily spooked by technology. Took a nasty hit to the face in and needed reconstructive surgery. Known SINs: Fred Dashford. Works at a Stuffer Shack and has bad family relations.
  • SADM: DECEASED. Gunner merc. Appears to be 13, but looks can be deceiving. I have a full merc résumé from her (intercepted). Known SINs: Ariel Clorem’Rent.
  • Thane: DECEASED. Mage.
  • Twitch: Principled merc. Human. Probably has Fly-By-Wire, which gives him his namesake.
  • Uncle Em. Rigger and Face. Human.
  • Whisper: DECEASED. Murder-happy psychopath. Infiltrator.
  • Zeta Epsilon. Cynical Hacker-Face. Huuman. Keeps party in mind as a professional courtesy. Met in Escape Velocity mission.

Anzu Kyuusai

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