Shadow Lives

Job Transfer

This session ran a while ago so this will be a brief summery.
Unless the PCs choose to share the info with you, this is considered fully OOC.

"This isn't what I signed up for," Silas Fisher thought to himself. He looked around the gloomy room he was locked in. The apartment itself wasn't all that different from his own, the basic layout was the same. Unlike his there was no natural light since the room was entirely below ground level. He sat at the desk, idling hitting keys on the computer as he pretended to work for the two guards who were sitting and watching him.

Silas was incredibly glad he finished making all the required arrangements last week, he just hoped his current house arrest wouldn't complicate matters too much for the extraction team. As he waited he couldn't help but question how he got to this point…

Receiving the full scholarship to WMC's computer science program seemed like a dream. Signing the contract gave him 6 years of room and board as well as a valuable degree. The future seemed bright as he finished his core coursework and registered for his degree qualifying project. His mistake was not reading anything past the project description, he just signed on the dotted line.

The project was fascinating and he quickly became absorbed in it. The final year flew by and he began shopping around for a future job. As graduation day approached rather than receiving a diploma he was given a contract and a pen and told to sign.

He refused and thats how he ended up in this prison.

The extraction team spent several days scouting the the housing complex. They were finally ready to make their move and everything seemed to be going well. They had the patterns down, they knew the guards, and they had a way inside the gate. Not only that, but there was some sort of glitch in the gate system so they didn't even have to worry about fooling the guards.

They blocked the wireless video feed with ease and snuck into Silas's building. They pounded on the door to no avail, until a neighbor finally pointed out that he wasn't home. Eventually they withdrew, temporarily blocked.

The team had learned where Silas was being kept and returned the following day. They broke into the basement, disabled the guards, and gained access to Silas. The heavily armed team made short work of the reinforcements and returned to their vehicals. Getting the car out was easy, the van, on the other hand, had to bash through the gate…

Extraction complete

Karma awards: 3 points each. (4 for Uncle Em)
Nuyen awards: 3550 after costs
Noteriety: 1 point each




Don’t forget about the Girl Scout Cookies.

Job Transfer

I definitely remember the successful girl scout cookie sale… I just wasn’t sure how to work that into the writeup ;)

Job Transfer
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