Shadow Lives

Gaming Weekend Plug

Since a few of you might be interested, as usual I’ll be running a shadowrun game at Gaming Weekend.
Gaming weekend is this coming weekend. I am scheduled to run at 8PM Saturday.

I will be running FIFTH EDITION. (Assuming I finish reading the rules by then)

The mission is a published adventure, not part of the normal campaign. There will be pregenned characters (from the book). I recommend using them though if you really want to make your own character I won’t stop you.

Shadowrun Fifth Edition: Manhunt
The runners are hired to haul ass out to the Barrens and bail ex-Lone Star Officer Hua out from under a paracritter siege.

An important note, if I remember the mission right, the Barrens are largely a dead zone. There will be little need for hacking.


You already knew but, just to publicly claim a spot, I’m in.

Gaming Weekend Plug
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