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OOC Post

I owe everyone another mission write up for “Survivalist Tendencies.” What I can tell you now is that the PC’s solution was to call in a favor with a Mercenary Group and essentially carpet bomb the target.

Not sure why they were so jumpy, maybe that had ants in their pants!

Hopefully I’ll get that written up sometime this week. The next mission in the current arc will run at Gaming Weekend. This should be the epic conclusion to the first half of the arc. Granted I am still working on the “epic” side of things.

Another topic of note is that I had a bunch of shadowrun fiction posted on live journal, but they have been purging journals lately. To preserve the stories I have moved them here. If you are curious you can look at Misha’s entry. They are rough drafts and need a lot of work, but they also provided an additional glimpse into the setting. “The Misadventures of Misha” is the first time I started crafting Boston as a setting.

Lastly I have mentioned this to some people directly, but I figured I would put it out in the open. I am looking to update some of the setting so you may find some unexpected changes to the wiki. Part of this is searching through shadowrun cannon to make sure my setting is “correct”, so if you know of any shadowrun references to Boston, let me know!

Another part is that I am looking to retire some NPCs and considering who their logical successors will be from the current group of “heroes”. Keep that in mind. :P

This is in preparation for 5th edition.


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