Shadow Lives

The Board is Set


He moved his tools patiently over the delicate marble figure, carefully shaping every curve and carving every detail as precisely as possible. The likeness was undeniable and every dimension was properly to scale. Looking over the carved stone he gave it one final appraising look before moving on to the final steps. This piece was to be particularly special, but that is only fitting for the Queen. Carefully he wrapped a single blond strand of hair around the figure, bonding the ends, and a felt pad, to the bottom using a carefully placed drop of melted glue. Gingerly holding the piece, careful not to shift the hair, he exhaled on the glue to cool. After a month of work it was finally ready to take its place next to its ruby eyed partner on the board. With the board now set he moved the first obsidian pawn…


This reminds me of The Great Game in Echo Bazaar. Awesome foreshadow, by the way. Speculation withheld (openly) for now.

The Board is Set

Ya the great game is pretty good. I like how the storyline kinda wraped up for me. I have a fine piece of the game rank 2. where are you in the great game?

The Board is Set

Connected: The Great Game 21
an agent of the Cheesemonger 6
Visiting Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour 5
(not sure what else to list)

I have a good deal of progress in a lot of stories but I’m currently focusing on “ascending the Reliables list of Mr. Pages” and “an Intimate of Devils”.

The Board is Set

The reliables list of mr. pages is hard i think i have 1-2 and i didn’t want to make a infernal contract to give up my soul so i stopped an intimate of devils

Ok, i’m farther in the games for you, i don’t think i have anymore story left. It’s very interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

The Board is Set
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