Shadow Lives

Welcome to the Underground

Sewer Rats Mission 1

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A recent Boston redevelopment project left a large number of squatters homeless. The state leveled an entire neighborhood with barely enough warning for them to evacuate. As they wandered seeking a new place to stay they heard rumors of a forgotten bomb shelter deep underground. Pooling their resources together they hired the Sewer Rats to seek it out and get them safe passage there.

The money they could offer was pathetic, but the chance to have an entire community in their debt was not something the Rats could pass us. They sent a team of eight gangers to explore and clear a route.

Starting in one of the remaining basements in the now leveled neighborhood they explored the underground created by the quake. Winding (and at times fighting) their way through the twisting corridors, tunnels and ruined basements they eventually found their way into the sewers proper.

They kept exploring, finding dead end after dead end… Fighting rats and gaters and ghouls. They eventually found their way to the abandoned subway lines deep below the city. From there it was a simple to find the old shelter.

The shelter was easily large enough to house 500. With a little work power could be restored as well as water could be guarenteed. The squatters were in for a rough time though… Settling “Shelter” would be a grueling task.


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