Shadow Lives

Enlightenment Summery DELAYED!

The summery for "Enlightenment" will be delayed until after "Low Man's Lyric".

There is a reason it ran first… insert evil laughter

Also, to those who attend the Gaming Weekend mission… It is a hack and slash mission. Chronologically it follows both Enlightenment and Lyric.



The devil has spoken! all rejoice! Shine in his EVIL glory!


Enlightenment Summery DELAYED!

on that note can we has guidlines for characters?

Enlightenment Summery DELAYED!

I’ve been a bit busy so I’m behind schedule… Here’s the basics. If you are making an alternate Sewer Rat character for yourself… The (mostly) same character gen rules apply as before… You will have a required contact and you are encouraged to think of a character who fits in the underground. One difference is no attribute may be less than 2. Another difference is lifestyle CANNOT be higher than low. We can talk about it more through email. If you are helping out by making pregens for other people… Standard book rules apply with the following requirements. ONLY the core rulebook can be used. NONE of the supplements can be used. This is because I want to limit the required resources I need to physically bring with me and be prepared to explain. No attribute min-maxing. Each attribute must have at least one point added to it. All characters must have dodge, perception and datasearch. (they could all be at one) All characters must have 1 month of low lifestyle, the mandatory contact who will be defined, and 2 other contacts. No technomancers. They would not want to live underground. Unless you have a good reason, each character should have either close combat group and firearms group (or both). Try to make them relatively rounded, but with a clear purpose. Also, if you could throw together a couple sentences saying what type of character they are. Ex. Hunter – Human Mage When hunter awoke to his magical powers he realized how corrupted ghouls were. This inspired him to set out on a personal crusade to drive them to extinction. Finding his talents extremely useful in the catacombs, he was invited to join the Sewer Rats and has proven his worth ever since.

Enlightenment Summery DELAYED!
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