Shadow Lives

Whack a Mole

The team was awed as they entered the Golden Shamrock. This was a classy place full of strange scents. They did a valient job of pretending they belonged as they we led upstairs to the meeting.

The enjoyed a fine dinner on Mr. Green's tab and eventually they settled down to talk shop. The O'Reilly family had an information leak, and the runners were being hired to resolve that. They were to get a list of suspects from the Seabrook casino in the North and then were instructed to identify the culpret.

Getting the info was easy, they talked Loewmann at the casino and got the names and addresses of the two suspects – Aaron O'Danlin and Jimmy McAllender. They scouted out their homes and went to get dinner at McAllender's workplace (Muldoons Mallet).

There wasn't anything suspiscious going on, so they sent Whisper to scout out the two individual's homes. Of course "scouting" ended up meaning "robbing" to Whisper.

O'Danlin's place was suspiscious, based on his mail he obviously hadn't been there in days. Looking through his papers revealed that he was somehow connected to Irish Times.

Pyrrhus decided to scout out Irish Times while Maynard stayed behind at Muldoon's in case anything happened. At first glance the Times looked like  any other bar. That was before the bartender shot him in the back. He barely escaped with his life. On the bright side, they now knew who the leak was.

The next night they staked out the Times and when it shut for the night they made their move. They crushed the thugs with minimal effort and found out where O'Danlin was holed up.

O'Danlin was hiding out at a Knights Errant safehouse. Not wanting to give them time to react to his location being compromised, they team immediately started scoping out the safehouse.

Whisper's amazing infiltration skills allowed them to get the info needed and make their move. While the security slept, they snuck in, found O'Danlin, and killed him.

The Knights woke up the next morning to find their mage dead and O'Danlin sprawled across the front gate gathering crows.

Karma awards
: 5 points each.
Nuyen awards: 7150 each.
Public Awareness: 1 point each (for sparing the thugs)




Everyone gets –
  • The rating of the SIN used for this mission is upgraded by 1 and is considered a "Green SIN".
  • Green Facility Weapons Permit. This grants security access and allows them to carry any SMG or smaller firearm.


Unless otherwise specified, each runner is considered to have received one of each item on this list. If they don't choose to keep it, they can sell it for the listed price. They CANNOT be traded.
  • Human sized Armor Vest – No resale
  • Fichetti Light Pistol – 45 nuyen
  • 1 Clip of 30 light pistol bullets – No resale
  • Club – No resale
  • Roomsweeter (1 available) – 75 nuyen
  • 8 shotgun shells – No resale
  • Sword (1 available, claimed by Maynard) – 35 nuyen
  • Predator Heavy Pistol – 35 nuyen
  • 1 clip of 15 heavy pistol bullets – No resale
  • Defiance Shocker – 15 nuyen
  • 4 shocker darts – No resale
  • Stun Baton – 40 nuyen
  • Streetline Special (1 available, it was left behind with distain)


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