Shadow Lives

Two D Girls DO Exist!


One night I walked in my roommate while she was “reading” a visual novel. She was really embarrassed by this for some reason. In her flustered state she spent an hour trying to explain the difference between 2D and 3D people to me. Really it all sounded like gibberish, but humans do strange things.

But NOW I understand! This last job I met a 2D girl! She looked just like one of the girls in the novel.
There also was a 2D boy somewhere, but I didn’t see him. He was too busy trying to kill us with robots.
And he broke my commlink! He was not a nice person.

Oh, and there was a SCARY sickness as well. Apparently it was transfered through astral contact. Fortunately they were on the other side of glass and couldn’t come closer.

The man who hired us was nice. He met us in a really cool fantasy setting VR club! It was loads of fun. And I found a new sister. And I worked with Grumpy (Z-San) again. And I met a human who almost made sense! (Though I was worried he would eat me at first) Just looking at him I could tell he understood the law of the wild. I think I’ll call him Hunter-san.

It was a good day.
Sorry so short, but I have to run!
Bye bye!

OOC Info

GM: Chris


  • Kit
  • Leife
  • Quiver
  • Zeta


  • 8000 Nuyen Each
  • 6 Karma (Maynard receives this as well)


To be filled in later


I never knew Kyuusai liked AR manga. Plus side: she can read them raw and English-translated.

Two D Girls DO Exist!

I kind of figured she had an old windows box somewhere with antique games :P

Two D Girls DO Exist!

The ironic part is that she’d still have to get the post-import UCAS versions because the native versions would usually have certain ‘restrictions’. Still, at least she wouldn’t have to wait for a language patch.

Two D Girls DO Exist!

she probably helps with the language patch. also this seems like it was a awesome mission, i wish i could have come.

Two D Girls DO Exist!
ledeir ledeir

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