Shadow Lives

A Rigger, an Adept, and a Mage Walk Into a Bar

OoC Post

The runners successfully smuggled Mr. Takashi from Salish-Shidhe to Seattle and got a shiny, tricked out van for their troubles. They even managed to find and “rescue” the Johnson’s friend, whom kept his favorite cowboy hat even after turning into a near-feral ghoul. Best of all, the arrived just in time for breakfast at Hagar’s House of Waffles. Mmm, waffles.


  • Alucard(Rich)
  • Charon (J.R.)
  • Dogmeat (Chris)


  • 2,000¥ each for the run itself (half up front)
  • 2,000¥ each for finding and retrieving Running Dan
  • all mission expenses and damages compensated by Mr. Telenov
  • 10,000¥ each for reselling the van (after Mr. Telenov patches any dings or scratches)
  • 4 karma each for completing the main objective and retrieving Running Dan alive


Whomever tagged the border guard as a contact (I can’t remember) gained Richard Johnson (Salish-Seattle Border Guard) at C1L1. Everyone gets Mr. Telenov (FIxer) at C4L2.


ledeir Psion_Rogue

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