Shadow Lives is a 5th edition open campaign similar to the official Shadowrun Missions. It is designed to be playable as a series of oneshots in an ever changing world.

Time passes, whether you run or not. You could play at one convention only to find things have drastically changed when you return next year.

For regular players there will be a mailing list on which Johnson's will contact you. If the job sounds like something your character would be interested in, or if they are out of nuyen, they can sign up for the session on our warhorn site.

Regretably, due to the nature of the campaign, signing up for this mailing list and the warhorn site is mandatory.

You can also do background research before the session either through emailing me or through exploring this site.

Players are primarily invited from my friends and WPI though not limited to them. Players are welcome to bring their friends, though I would like to meet/talk to them first.

I am currently working on better integrating Skype into the campaign. As such with prior approval of the GM, or when a session needs to be filled last minute, you can attend through skype. Read Skype Sessions for more info.

Additionally you may find one shots in this setting at the various conventions in New England.

Do you have what it takes to survive in Boston?

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