This is non-canon outside of this campaign. It is a nod to a previous campaign I ran set in Woosta Sprawl

During the 20th century, Worcester Polytechnic Institute was a prominent university. As the school grew, they purchased more and more of Worcester county. Through the turmulous years which followed they gain substantial influence and power by making the right allies. As a result of their technical prowess they weathers the crash well and claimed a position as an A rated corporation (Note that Megacorps are AAA rated).

As such they enjoy many of the benefits of being an extraterritorial entity even though they aren't on equal footing with the Megacorps. They are large enough that they can't be crushed or outright purchased, but small enough that they can't be viewed as true competition either.

Even with the rise to corp-dom they have not forsaken their educational roots. They still maintain a prominent university in the Worcester County area. The focus has slightly changed from their early days in now they are training students for future employment within the corporation itself. In exchange for free tuiton, students sign a contract to work for WMC for a predetermined amount of time. This effectively makes their educational plan on big internship.


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