What is Shadowrun

This section is under development. Right now its just some quick thoughts.

Unlike some Role Playing Game systems, such as D&D, Shadowrun is not a combat system. While combat plays an intricate part it is much more fluid and open than you may be used to. What Shadowrun really is about is planning and being paranoid. 

Games typically have a set flow about them. First you receive a call about a job from a Johnson. Usually you have time to do some background checking before the meet. You meet, discuss the job, negotiate pay, and then start planning. Preferably you start planning AFTER you have left, not while you are in a public place with the Johnson still listening. If you plan things out well, you can even avoid combat completely. Of course things rarely go as planned and thats when fighting happens. Assuming you complete the job, you go and collect the rest of your pay and you hope you don't get double crossed.

The system itself is fairly simple, its a D6 system with 5+'s being successes. 

The setting is dystopian future with high technology and magic.

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What is Shadowrun

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