Underworld Politics

Though things may seem peaceful on the surface, there is a deadly war in the shadows. In some places criminal organizations are as powerful as the corporations. Boston’s underground appears to be dominated by The O’Rilley Family, but if you look a little deeper you can see all sorts of undercurrents.

The Morelli Family makes no secret about their dislike for the O’Rilleys and they are constantly trying to gain a bigger influence. This results in a Cold War of sorts between the two families.

Where the Japanacorps are the Yakuza follows…

The Neo Anarchists pledge to free the world and they don’t discriminate between who the fight. They will attack the corps and the criminal organizations alike.

And of course there is the true shadow war… There are things even the underworld only whispers about. Tamanous and its organ legging, The Syndicate and its operations…

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Underworld Politics

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