As with the real world, time continually passes in this campaign as well. It passes at a rate of approximately 1 week per full mission. This means on average a player can attend between 3 and 4 missions a month. Players should plan on this when considering things like how much money they have to spend.

Monthy Income / Expenses

There may be a few extra opportunities presented to players for how to make additional nuyen, be it short missions or creative ideas they come up with.

Rent is due on the 15th of every game month. It will be announced through the mailinglists when it is due. People can attempt to delay payment, but may be penalized for it.

On the flip side, payday is ALSO the 15th of every game month. Those of you with day jobs get paid the same day rent is due. Having the same date simplifies record keeping.

In the interest of fairness, a player's first month with be prorated depending on when they started. Additionally there is the opportunity to take vacations.


It is understood that some players may need to take extended leaves from the game. This is primarily the case for students. As such you can go "on vacation". When you are on vacation you cannot interact in any E-Questing type activies. You can declare a general activity you will be participating in or how you will be spending your time, but you can't do background research, skill training, or anything which requires IC time. While on vacation you are assumed to break even at the end of the month, no nuyen gained or lost. When you return from vacation, the IC cost will be prorated.

Day Laborer.

Under some circumstances your character may need to take some time off from running to work. With GM approval you can work as a day laborer. There is no BP bonus received for this, and it requires GM approval each time you activate it. This is paid weekly instead of monthly and requires 5 hours every day. This is paid using the following forumala: 200 times (consecutive weeks worked)

For comparison the actual 10BP Day Job quality requires 20 hours of work and earns you 2500 nuyen a month.


Normally healing is handled as described in the book. To ease record keeping I have the following two exceptions

  • Stun: A full nights sleep (8 hours normally, 4 with regulator) heals all stun damage.
  • Physical: Two full days (48 hours) of doing nothing heals all normal injuries. A player cannot work their day job, attempt to buy goods, improve skills, or participate in any missions during this time period.


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