Tarot Agate Charm

Several people received charms during The Fool. Quick study of the charms reveals that they are some manner of spirit pact. It seems to aid in all acts of will, regardless if the wielder is awakened. It is unknown exactly what the spirit gains in return…


The charm is crudely carved into the shape of a person from a piece of agate stone. None of the charms is exactly alike, but they all are relatively close. They have a small metal loop attached to allow them to be placed on a bracelet or necklace.

OOC Mechanics

While the charm is in physical contact with your skin, you receive +1 dice to all willpower rolls. You need to keep track of the number of times its used and report to the GM. The charms are stackable, is someone held all four they would gain the benefit from all four simultaneously.

Players on an OOC level have at least learned that four uses result in one lost karma. If you end up losing more karma than gained during the mission this way , then you will lose from your available karma pool. If you have no karma in your karma pool you will lose from future missions.

Players do not know currently what happens when the charms are used less than 4 times…

Tarot Agate Charm

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