Shade Chapter One

Shade: One Light in the Darkness
Part 1
Originally posted 2/18/8
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The clutter effectively blocked normal vision, the entire alley was cloaked in shadows and darkness. My vision is hardly normal though. With an imperceptible click I switched to thermo and could clearly see the man I was supposed to meet waiting by a dumpster.

He was early and probably thought that gave him the advantage. Tapping a few buttons in the AR display on my right arm quickly fixed that. A few simple commands and I found myself staring at my twin. The projection, though flawed in the light, would easily pass in the gloom of the alley. As long as my research was right and my contact doesn’t have thermo then the upper hand was once again mine.

I sent a small drone to the other end of the alley ready to project my twin’s approach. Rounding the corner the cloaked figured looked as if he belonged on the dirty streets of Boston. None of his features showed and the cloak flowed naturally. Anyone who wasn’t expecting a projection would easily believe it was someone seeking to conceal their appearance from a stranger. The figure continued his slow and deliberate approach towards the man, drawing his full attention. The artificial footsteps masked my own as I crept closer, leaving my contact completely ignorant to where I really was.

“You.. There… Are you Shade?” He nervously asked as he rested his hand where I could only assume he hid his gun.

Rather than answer, since the speaker quality was too low to replicate human voice, the image reached up to lower its hood. The shifting of the cloak revealed the dull gleam of a metallic arm, but what really grabbed the attention was the dull red glow. As the hood fell back the steel surrounding the cyber eye magnified the light and emphasized the heavy scarring from the accident which forced me to install it. The abomination of metal meeting flesh startled the man, forcing him to stagger back.

With a sharp click I took advantage of his movement to snap out my arm blade and grab him. Resting my blade against his throat I replied, “Yeah, I’m Shade. Whose asking?”

Shade Chapter One

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