Sewer Rat Missions

Your fixer GM always told you to avoid the sewers, that nothing but death and suffering awaited you there. You refused to listen though, and proved him wrong as you ventured into the darkness and thrived no matter how far you explored.

Your reputation spread and you found like minded friends in the gang known as the Sewer Rats. Now you consider the catacombs under the city your home and barely remember the light of the sun…

OOC Description:

The Sewer Rat Missions are a series of convention one shots. They are set in the normal setting, and can still leave their mark on the world, but in general they leave much less impact than the official missions.

There will be pre-genned characters which are more appropriate to the specific setting than those my players normally have. My normal players CAN use their regular characters though. 

If you wish to create a Sewer Rat specific character, follow these guidelines

Mission Scheduled Download
Gaming Weekend Sept 2010 Saturday 9/4/10 8PM
Halloween Special 2010 Friday 10/27/10 8PM
Shelter POSTPONED Friday 2/4/11 9PM
Winter Holidays: Festival of Fire, Hosted by Professor Blue
Easter 2011 – Smoke and Rabbits POSTPONED

Sewer Rat Missions

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