Sewer Rat 2

Halloween Special 2010

Ghouls, ghosts and demons, oh my!

OOC Plug:

Dig Town is under attack. Can you hold off the onslaught until Daemon can turn the tide?

This would be a survival, hack and slash, mission. You would not earn any cred from it, but you would earn XP if you survive.

What gear you have available will be discussed in the beginning of the mission.

IC Plug:

Apparently you chose the wrong day for a Digtown shopping trip. While searching through the Bazaar the first shouts reached your ears. Being the "professional" that you are, you check out the commotion to see if there's any cred to be made. As the swarm of ghouls and spirit approach, you immediately regret leaving your heavy gear at home… You've got no choice but to fight the approaching horde.


This mission would happen Halloween weekend. The preferred times are at Friday Gaming or Sunday 2PM. If a room could be reserved, Sunday could be on campus. On Sunday there would be bonus karma if you dressed up as a Shadowrunner. 

IC this mission would take one night (May 16th, 10PM). As such it will not interfere with real mission scheduling (assuming you survive). 


Eight pregenned Sewer Rats characters will be available. These are all starting level characters.

  • Hunter: Ghoul hating mage
  • Grinder: Troll close combat adept (3IP)
  • Trinity: Ork Street Sam (3IP)
  • Scenery: Theft addicted infiltrator
  • Stitches: Street doc who focuses on non-lethal combat
  • Sparkles: Standard elf face
  • Chainsaw: His left hand has been replaced by a chainsaw, need I say more? (2IP)
  • SP: Short for Swordplay, this fighter specializes in all things blades.

Regular campaign characters will be allowed as well. By using your primary character you are accepting the risk of death or serious injury.

Death and Serious Injury

  • When your physical damage monitor is full, you take an additional box of physical damage every "body" turns until you are stabilized. 
  • When your physical damage monitor overflows by your body's value you die.
  • You can perminentally burn edge to "miraculously survive".


Not all gear is considered appropriate in the Digtown Bazaar. Nothing larger than an assault rifle is permitted. Anything highly explosive is HIGHLY discouraged. 

Heavy armors are allowed, but will have a negative social impact.

There will be "Weapon Checkpoints" where you can stash gear available. Unfortunately you will have to break through the attacking horde to access it.


Up to 7 points of karma can be earned through this mission. This is on par with regular missions.

  • 1 to 2 points for coming in costume.
  • 1 to 3 points awarded arbitrarily by GM.
  • 1 point for surviving.
  • 1 point for most kills.

You are doing a favor for a friend in DigTown… Unless you negotiate for nuyen, you get NONE.

On success you might be able to negotiate for replacement regular ammo.

On success you will gain Farnsworth Jack as a contact. This is a "premium" NPC whose benefits have yet to be determined.

Additionally, if you do not already have Daemon, you will gain him as a contact.

Sewer Rat 2

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