Personal Objective Missions

The nature of this campaign allows for players to have personal objectives. This objectives can be expressed throughout the normal missions, through individual role play, or though entire missions.

If your character has a job they feel needs to be done, you should contact the GM offline and propose an idea that you want to run or want to have run. 

>>Please be aware that NeoNet does not, and never will, build Mechs. Look to the UCAS military for that.


#Only an idiot would want one anyways. Those things are a bitch to drive.


Ideas are more likely to be accepted if they tie in with the existing missions, such as following up on something or someone that was previously encountered, but everything will be at least considered.

For instance -

  • A couple players have expressed interest in wetwork missions against certain characters.
  • One person proposed a datagrab against a specific NPC.

Also be aware that unless you specify otherwise, the person who requested the mission will be kept confidential (unless the NPC slips up). By posting offlist suggestions we prevent the OOC leaks.

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The Uninvited Gaming Weekend A11 (09/04/11) Mission Download Page
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Personal Objective Missions

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