Personal Objective 1

The Uninvited

June 29, 2072 5PM
After a hard run you typically just want to sit back, relax, and recover your stun. Unfortunately this time when you arrived at home all hell broke loose… Looks like there’s no rest for the wicked. You pull out your commlink, call a few friends, and fight your way in…

OOC Info Follows

This mission will be announced immediately following another mission. When it is announced, record all damage and edge used. Edge and Damage will NOT refresh before this mission.
This mission was announced immediately following Street Sweeping. Apollo and Khazad are guaranteed spots to play and are both out of edge. For simplicity they do not need to track previous damage.

Since this is a favor for a friend scenario there will be no pay for this (though you are welcome to attempt to negotiate with Apollo for comp). Additionally since this will run at Gaming Weekend the Sewer Rats pregens will be present acting as hired security for the neighborhood.

Tom(aka Apollo)
Feel free to email ( me if you want to negotiate, or do the talking during gamming weekend, i will probably be more capable mentally to negotiate if you email me.

Personal Objective 1

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