Newbie Advice

This page is dedicated to new player advice.

Suggested Gear

  • Autopicker (1 per party, or PC with locksmith skill)
  • Maglock Passkey (1 per party, or PC with hardware skill and the proper toolkit.)
  • Sequencer (1 per party, or PC with electronics skill)
  • Van (1 per party)
  • Medkit (1 per party)
  • Armor (type depends on character)
  • Commlink (mandatory for everyone)
  • Fake SIN (strongly suggested) 

Suggested Skills

  • Perception
  • Dodge

Suggested Contacts

  • Fixer (they can hook you up with anything given time)

 Logic VS Intuition

Supplied by Chris (janusfenix).

"Logic is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Intuition is not putting a tomato in a fruit salad."

But a tomato is a fruit and should be in a fruit salad! -Tom

Newbie Advice

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