Murdock looks like your standard goganger, clad in leather and rarely seen without a vehical. He's known to work as an independant driver for the various corporations.

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Though he's frequently seen running for the corps, that doesn't mean he's really independant now… People pull his strings like they pull anyone elses. 

His true home is working as a coyote in the underground. If you need to get goods from point A to B under the radar, he's your man.

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Records of Murdock have been largely erased. Little is known of his past, but it takes years to learn the underground like he has, there's no GPS in the catacombs so you can't just slot a chip to learn.


Murdock is a fairly slim elf in his mid to late twenties. His signature outfit is a black leather biker jacket, combat boots, tough pants, and old style aviation goggles


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