Mission 6


Wednesday, 4/27/72 3PM

Hoi Chummers,
A friend of mine suggested I post here seeking some help.
The people of Digtown have scraped together enough cred to hire a small team for a job.
We need an electrician and some entry specialists.
Anyone here able to help us out?
-Joe Dirt

Thursday, 4/28/72 4AM

Crossposted to Mission 10

Hoi Catz,
I did a little checking for ya with the Johnsons.
Sounds like the jobs have the same time frame, with the pre-concert prep and the show itself you won't be able to work both… You need to pick one or the other.

Cera scheduled the meet with Erk for tomorrow morning (04/28/72 10AM). She also wanted me to remind you to make sure your SIN and licenses check out by Saturday. You may have to hand people over to the Knights if the concert goers causes trouble and this job is on the books.

Joe's looking to meet tomorrow night (04/28/72 11PM) in Dig Town. He's willing to send a mapsoft to help you get there so you don't need to hire a coyote. He stresses that the job needs to be done quietly and that its on a fairly strict time line to avoid complications. Also, it sounds like he can barely afford four of you.

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Mission 6

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