Misha Chapter Six

The Misadventures of Misha
Misha and the Troll, Part 6
Originally posted 7/15/7. This is still a rough draft
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When Misha wants to, she can look absolutely amazing. This was not one of those times. She cleaned herself up so that she was once again presentable, but she was still far from the precision of the cat shaman. Misha was well aware that panicking and being flustered would only make things worse, so she worked to regain her composure. Several deep breaths latter she once again found her balance and the mental fortitude to proceed to the elevator. Riding down to the garage she allowed herself a brief smile at the thought that maybe Samuel had tired of waiting and had left without her.

When the elevator doors opened in the underground garage, her smile was greeted by Samuel’s pleased face. “Now that is much more appropriate Misha, you clean up nicely” he purred. “Still, that will not do for tomorrow’s meeting. Alas, I am getting ahead of myself…”

They walked, Samuel proudly and Misha somewhat stiffly, to the valet booth. Samuel exchanged words with the man there, and a few moments later a nightsky drove up. Exiting the car, the chauffeur bowed and introduced himself as Mathews before opening the door to the passenger cabin. The driver moved gracefully and easily rivaled the shaman for precision as assisted Misha in entering the vehicle. Every move he made seemed rehearsed enough to be a dance, and his performance ended with a bow to Samuel as he indicated that the troll should enter the car as well. Samuel nodded approval, entered, and Mathews closed the door.

Misha was swept along by the dance of the chauffeur and found herself inside with scarcely a clue how she entered. Despite her desire to be elsewhere, she felt a brief shiver of pleasure at the luxurious interior. The seats were a fine imported leather which seemed to caress the skin with every move. There was a fully stocked bar and all the high end gadgetry a engineer could ask for. The trideo player and the built in commlink were both connected to a private satellite uplink and there was easily enough room to stretch out and relax. In fact, the cabin was so roomy that she could almost ignore the troll’s presence and imagine that it was her limo alone.

Once they were seated Misha struggled to resist playing with all the electronics, she was determined to remain professional. It was all she could do to refrain from taking out her pocket screwdriver set. They sat in silence for a brief moment and then Samuel spoke. “Misha, have you ever been to La Rue?”

“La Rue? “I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with it. Is it in the Boston area?”

Sighing before speaking again, “I suppose I should not be surprised by your inexperience with fine cuisine. La Rue is a moderately posh establishment frequented by management and executives of smaller companies. Though you are on the upper tier of your position’s salary range, it may be a little too extravagant for your budget. I was merely hoping some manner of special occasion had brought you there to dine previously. Nonetheless, you will enjoy it. The food is absolutely divine.” Kissing his fingers for emphasis before continuing, “Since I was unable to notify you in advance, I figured it would be wise to reserve a private room. This way you are able to observe the other diners attire so that you may dress appropriately tomorrow. I also recommend avoiding any messy projects in the morning.”

Throughout his monologue, Misha sat silently. Largely ignoring what he said, she paid just enough attention to smile and nod at the correct places. He was discussing tomorrow and they were attending a classy restaurant, there was no question that her job was safe. Though her job was secure, Misha’s feeling of dread continued to grow…

Misha Chapter Six

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