Misha Chapter One

The Misadventures of Misha
Misha and the Troll, Part 1.
Originally posted 6/30/7
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Misha was a wageslave. She worked and she slept, but very rarely did she play. You see, whenever she went out in public men would persistently bother her! She participated in a handful of corp sponsored pheromone studies, but they yielded no answers as to why this was so… It took her years, but eventually she got her workplace suitor free and she was happy there… until the troll came.

It was 0800 and she was on her third or fourth cup of morning coffee. She was waiting by the copier for a hard copy of her latest design to print, when she felt her headware hard drive glitch. The drive pulsed in her head and stars crowded her vision as it purged corrupted data and reset, bringing with it the beginnings of a migraine. When the stars cleared, she found herself staring at a pair of horns coming through the main entrance. The expert everyone had been dreading had arrived.

The man who entered had elegantly curved horns, ones which had been carefully bound as they grew so that they curved just right and then polished to perfection when they finished growing. He wore an impeccable black business suit, clearly custom made and of the latest style. Add in his troll height and build and his was an imposing sight. He was exactly what you don’t want to see when the corp brings in an efficiency expert.

As he came closer a faint crackling could be heard by any with enhanced ears and the hair on your arms started to stand and dance. He clearly had magical abilities and carried himself with the confidence and pride of a cat. There is only one thing which can be said to truly express how it feels to be around him… and Misha uttered that now. “Damnit. A frelling cat shaman.”

This would be a good time to tell a little more about our dear friend Misha… She is a fairly intelligent and talented engineer who just wants to be left to her own interests. She doesn’t want to deal with the pesky dating life yet men continually try to pursue her. Though she is human, she is elvish height and has long flowing dark hair. Her cyberware is very tasteful, efficient, and discrete. She has little interest in advancement or office politics and her outfits reflect that. She dresses as close to business casual as she can without getting talked to by management and dresses for comfort. She feels that appearance is a side effect of getting ready for the day… and that mindset couldn’t be more different than that of our troll.

To any watching the room, they were clearly wrong for each other and were unlikely to share any common interests. Despite that fact, the troll had THE look in his eye. A look Misha knows well, the look of desire she sees on so many faces. The look was approaching her and she had nowhere to hide…

Misha Chapter One

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