Misha Chapter Five

The Misadventures of Misha
Misha and the Troll, Part 5
Originally posted 7/10/7
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As noon approached, Misha did her best to feign productivity. She vainly hoped that appearing busy would be enough to discourage the troll from lunch, after all he was here as an efficiency expert. Misha typed, took notes, read comics, watched random matrix based meetings and even browsed through company design docs.

At precisely 12:05, right when Samuel said he’d come, he did. Misha practically fell out of her chair as he discreetly cleared his throat. “I am glad to see you have kept busy this morning, I hope our lunch will not interrupt anything important.”

Slowly pausing the matrix meeting and saving her documents, Misha turned to face the troll. While her long hair was still mostly braided, the strands which had come out were tangled and wild. Her hands were darkened and in places raw from the early morning’s work. What little makeup she had was smeared, and she looked more like an auto mechanic than a well paid engineer. “Well… You know how it is… Never enough time for everything.”

“I can assure you, I am all too familiar with that. In fact, that is part of why we need to have this lunch.” Knowingly smiling as he continues, “While I summon the car, you should make yourself more presentable for the restaurant. If you forgive my boldness, while I personally find your appearance striking, we must present ourselves with the utmost propriety while we dine. Going forward, you should remember that everywhere you go, you are a representative of NeoNet. You must conduct yourself accordingly.”

“Sure… It’ll… Just a minute… I’ll… I’ll meet you at the garage.” She gasped out as she snatched up the PIJEAN and started towards the restroom.

With a slight chuckle, “You do not have to be in such a hurry, the meeting is on the clock. We have all afternoon if we wish.” Smirking as he finished, “and it can be hard to neaten up without your purse my dear.”

Misha abruptly stopped, blushing brightly as she turned. “Why… Thank you S… Samuel.” She sheepishly choked as she retrieved her bag. Though she couldn’t avoid briefly touching his extended hand, she kept her eyes lowered and took it as quickly she could. She couldn’t bare to look at his polished tusks and enormous grin. She could practically sense what was going through his mind and wanted nothing more than to escape and get a little more time to compose herself.

As she once again headed towards the restroom, Samuel confirmed her fears by calling after her, “The way you are behaving, one would think you were as teenager getting ready for a first date.” He chuckled openly after that and watched as she sped away, practically stumbling in her haste. He grinned broadly at the thought that lunch might not be all business.

Misha Chapter Five

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