Marc Greenboro

Marc Greenboro is an employee of NeoNet. His responsibilities are known to include matrix maintenance and the hiring of security consultants. He is often found at Club Snow Crash and rarely seen in the flesh.

Begin ShadowNet Exclusive Info

This guy's a slippery one… Not that much is known about him since he's never seen offline. There'd be good nuyen in his meat info, but those who have tried quickly find themselves blacklisted or worse. On the flip side, if you earn his trust he's one of the best Johnson's to work for.

End ShadowNet Exclusive info


Greenboro's employment records are largely locked down, but he is known to have been working for NeoNet since 67. There is no information available before that.


The only information available on his appearance pertains to his matrix persona. His icon is a beautifully rendered gericorpse icon. It appears to be an averaged male individual in his late twenties.

OOC Fiction

I first developed this character in 2008 in a series of stories I was writing. To see the first references to him check out my page on Misha. Do not take any of this info as IC and remember that it is rough draft quality.

Shade: One Light in the Darkness

Marc Greenboro

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