Location Security

This page is entirely OOC

Before each mission I plan out the security of the locations are you likely to hit. The amount of planning can vary drastically, if it is a club or other location that is primarily designed as a role play encounter it will not be carefully spec'd out. 

If it is a location I expect to be a combat encounter, I will most likely stat out the basic dimensions and various obstacles and cover available.

Lastly, if it is a location which I expect some sort of infiltration attempt to be made, it will be carefully spec'd out in advance. The security features will all be written down and spec'd out. 

If I overlook some sort of security feature on creation that the players choose to exploit then they successfully exploit it. The players will NOT be violating "Rule Zero" on that mission. I am not going to modify the security because they mention (or plan for) a specific feature. Additionally I am not going to modify security because they are not skilled in dealing with a specific feature. 

After a run on a given location, the security MAY be modified for future missions. It takes time, but locations can retrain security and add new features.

Example 1:

WMC's primary housing facility has fairly solid security. During a rather noisy run on the location it was shown that their weak point was employee training and the front gate. Next time runners pay this location a visit, they should expect both these defenses to be improved.

Location Security

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