House Rules

In the interest of full disclosure here are some house rules I intend to implement.

B&E Techniques

  • In place of a Locksmith check, the use of a hardware toolkit and the Hardware skill can be used to physically uninstall (sometimes forcefully) a key lock or maglock. This is different from the Locksmith skill in that the means of bypass are immediately obvious to a casual onlooker.
    • A key lock disabled in this manner may be reinstalled afterwards, but the maglock will cease to function normally until properly reinstalled with the Locksmith skill.
    • Uninstalling a lock in this manner may set off any alarms wired to the lock.
    • Rolling a successful glitch uninstalls the lock but damages it in the process, preventing it from being reinstalled.
    • Rolling a critical glitch jams or otherwise incapacitates the lock before it can be removed and sets off any respective alarms.


  • Inititive will be rolled once per combat.

  • When attacked you can always roll to dodge. This applies to both close combat and ranged attacks.

  • Each time you dodge before your turn your dodge dice pool is reduced by one. This allows focused fire / attacks to be used to wear down a given character and can be both beneficial and detrimental to players.


  • I will take liberties with the hacking rules so that it does not slow things down or detract from the other players enjoyment.


  • Rule of six applies ANY time edge is used.

  • Occasionally I will call for an edge roll when I want to see how "lucky" you are. This does not count towards your edge use.

  • Edge fully refreshes each mission.

  • You may gain bonus points of edge if you suitably impress me.


  •  I will take liberties with the rigging rules so it does not slow things down or detract from the other players enjoyment.

Rule of SIX

  • Rule of six applies ANY time edge is used. 

  • Rule of six MAY apply for good roll playing or impressive actions.

Dice Pool

  • The most dice you can roll for an active skill is TWICE the Augmented Maximum of the linked attribute. (18 for a human). This number can ONLY be increased through the use of edge.

  • If someone assists you in a test, they roll first and the number of successes they receive are granted as a dice bonus to your roll. The situation will determine the number of people who can assist, it is possible the entire team tries which is why it is a pool bonus as opposed to straight successes. 

Catacombs Mapsofts

  • Catacombs mapsofts work slightly differently than other mapsofts since there is a poor wireless connection.

  • You use the mapsoft as normal, by rolling navigation + intuition + mapsoft rating.

  • They are more likely to glitch, if you have (half – 1) ones then it glitches.

  • On a glitch the mapsoft rating is reduced by 1 due to changes in the underground tunnels.

  • On a critical glitch there is a tunnel colapse or other dangerous event while you are traveling AND the mapsoft is now useless.

  • Mapsofts can be improved by exploring new paths. After you succeed in a navigation check using a mapsoft, you can make another navigation check. 2 * (rating + 1) hits will increase the rating by one. If you do not earn enough hits to increase the rating, they are saved for the next attempt.


  • Contacts do not wait around for your call, the higher their connection rating, the less likely you are to get through to them when you call. Connection rating 3 and lower will usually be available. 4 and higher get progressively harder.
  • Occasionally players may want other players as a contact. A players connection rating is calculated as follows:
    • For each contact they have take the lower of connection or loyalty.
    • Sum the numbers from the previous step and divide them by the number of contacts plus one. Round this value down.
    • Add Street Cred / 10 rounded down.
    • Ex: Bob has three contacts, a loyalty 1/connection 5, a loyalty 3/connection 4, and a loyalty 6/connection 2. He has 22 street cred. His connection rating will be (1 + 3 + 2)/4 + 22/10. This gives him connection 3
    • Ex: Jill is antisocial and only has one contact (loyalty 4, connection 4). She has 12 street cred. Her connection rating would be 4/2 + 12/10. This gives her connection 3.


  • The normal rules for infection are fairly strict and do not mesh with some of my player's expectations. As such they need to be appropriately modified.

  • When exposed to an infectious disease through an attack that does physical damage roll a Body + WillPower (2) check to resist. On a failure you may become infected. The GM will roll 2D6 and if they get more successes than you, you were indeed exposed.

Magical Initiation

  • Normally when initiating you are granted one metamagic power. This remains true for a magician.

  • An adept or mystic adept can choose to increase their magic value by one and choose 1 point worth of adapt powers OR they may choose a metamagic power. This is in the Errata for Street Magic.

Maximum Magic Value

  • On character creation is is possible to take magic AND ’ware. When doing this your maximum magic value is equal to your essence rounded down. If you maximize your magic at this new lower value you MUST pay the increased BP cost.
  • If your essence is reduced during play your current magic value is unaffected provided it is less than or equal to your new magic value.


  • Form Fitting Body Armor cannot be modded.
  • PPP System Armor cannot be modded. Even though it does not use capacity, it is an armor mod.
  • Armor CANNOT be modded after purchase. You must buy new armor with the mods.


  • Spirits DO NOT like to use their edge. They will only use it for self preservation or if explicitly ordered to. This order takes an additional service. For example if Daemon wanted to make a spirit attack using edge, he would need to use two services. One service to attack and one service to use edge.

Advanced Lifestyles

  • There are a lot of tempting qualities when building your own lifestyle, unfortunately this leads way to abuse. As such the following restriction is imposed.
    • The amount of LP spent on positive qualities must be less than half the combined values of the 5 lifestyle categories.
    • The amount of LP gained from negative qualities must be less than half the combined values of the 5 lifestyle categories.
    • The following negative qualities require GM intervention, as such you are limited to AT MOST one of the following: AI in Residence, Haunted, and Pest Magnet
    • Some qualities require regular checks. If you have any of these qualities (to be explicitly listed later) you must contact the GM the week of the 15th of each IC month.

NPC Death

  • No one lives forever, and there comes a time when named NPCs may in fact be killed off. In order to permanently kill an NPC they must be killed more times than they have edge. They will burn edge to survive each death and when they can no longer burn edge they will die.

House Rules

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