Deck of Cards Rules

The rules for this plot arc are still under development and these are considered Experimental Missions.

Each card mission is numbered and they must be completed in order. In fact the following mission will not unlock until the current mission has been completed.

Each mission will begin with an online segment, this segment consists of player legwork and should be performed either on the forums or on a mailing list. (I may be creating one exclusively for this arc). Once the player believe they have found enough information they should propose the mission scenario to the GM. The GM will then run a normal session for the mission as they proposed. The PCs make the objectives and the GM reacts accordingly. The online segment can involve ANY character, if a PC has multiple characters who wish to brainstorm that is allowed. The actual mission will run for 3 or 4 characters.

Each card will have its own wiki page with the following format.

  • Detailed card description
  • Mission Payout
  • Confirmed information the players have learned and their proposed objectives.

The key thing is the players need to tell me how you want to try and accomplish the mission the card indicates. The players need to research and THINK to activate the mission and its entirely possible you will make the wrong assumptions about the job and waste your efforts and resources.

Fortunately the PCs are not alone, if they really need to they can seek help from various NPCs. (provided they are properly compensated) It may (or may not) even be possible to have them accompany you on the mission.


These missions will have very low karma rewards, current plans are one point for participating and one point for each correct objective you achieve. On the flip side the fiscal rewards are potentially stronger and the time lines are much more flexible. You also get the chance to learn various plot / setting information.


This arc will also likely have various GMs. Since the missions are simpler and less entwined with the major plots, it is possible to hand them off to anyone who is willing. In these circumstances you will also have either Kit or another NPC in the party. This would be good practice for those who are considering GMing.

Deck of Cards Rules

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