There was some confusion as to the qualities of datasofts. This is the GM's ruling.

There are many ways to present and process the vast amount of information available in modern day society. Often when people want to learn how to do something, or to have a handy reference, rather that purchase an old fashioned book they will buy a datasoft.

A datasoft can be anything from a reference library of shakespearing works to a walkthrough on how you would perform heart surgery. The quality of such references can vary widely.

Quality is rated on the standard scale of 1 to 6. 

  1. High school level application.
  2. First year college or university student level.
  3. Two year college degree level.
  4. Four year college graduate equivilent.
  5. Masters degree equivilent
  6. Doctorate degree equivilent.

The in game impact of these resources can vary. They may convey dice bonuses to obtaining reference information, they may be considered automatic successes in some situations and in others they may be treated similarly to contacts.

When purchasing these players should chose the request subject and rating. They should also specify if they want it in any specific format such as a data library or a digital professor. 


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