Das Brauer is the primary bartender at The Dead End bar. During business hours he is almost always there. He is known to be a friendly person to talk to who always has an open ear. Just don’t threaten the bar, he’s got a shotgun under the counter.


Das was born and raised in Boston so he knows the area fairly well. He parents fled to UCAS to avoid the fallout from the Night of Rage in 2039. Even though they were displaced, they still tried to install a sense of pride in his German heritage resulting in him being bilingual.

He lives in a sizable onsite apartment at The Dead End with several roommates. He rarely talks about his past though it is known he spent time in Berlin during the 2050’s. Rumor has it Lofwyr was instrumental in his return to Boston in 2055.


A 30-something human male with an obvious Germanic background. He has dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a shotgun.


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