Professor Julian Creaks is a high profile employee of MIT&T. He is a powerful mage who has been active for decades. He has been the head of magical research in the Thaumaturge department since 2050 and has declared “I have no intention of relinquishing the position until I find a more qualified Magician.”

Though he utilizes a more traditional, hermantic, approach, he is known to be fairly liberal in his views. He could easily force his methods on others, but instead lets others make their own choices, even if they are contrary to something he wants. He draws the line when those choices would harm others though.

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The easiest way to describe Creaks is as one of the good guys. He understands life in the shadows even though he is largely detached from it.

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Creak is an older human male who is still full of life despite his age. He was born in 1993 and although he is currently 79 he can easily pass for someone in their 50’s. He has shoulder length wavy white hair and “a wizard’s beard”. He wears a pair of thin glasses and tends to dress in traditional business casual clothing with the exception of when he is performing rituals.


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