Corporate Scrip

Once corporations gained as much power as governments, many of them took lessons from the robber barons and the mining towns of the past. They realized they could increase (by which they mean enforce -LD) employee loyalty by issuing corporate scrip instead of nuyen as payment. This is essentially money backed by the corporation who issued it and often used as loans against future pay.


This is mostly transparent in terms of mechanics. Corporate Scrip it worth its face value when used at the issuing corporation. When used in place of regular nuyen the value will vary slightly.

Exchange Rate

  • NeoNet Scrip is worth 10% more than nuyen in Boston. (11:10)
  • WMC Scrip is worth 5% less than nuyen in Boston. (19:20)
  • Ares Scrip is worth 5% more than nuyen in Boston. (20:19)
  • All other corporations are worth the same as nuyen in Boston. (1:1)

Corporate Scrip

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