Corporate Politics

The corporate politics of Boston are very complicated and often violent. The various corps are always battling in the shadows for a better market share. Usually this doesn’t spill over into the light, but still the aftermath can often be viewed as dust clouds on the horizon.

The primary conflict in Boston is between the Megacorp NeoNet and the upstart local corp WMC. Their markets have substantial overlap and as WMC tries to grow it constantly bares its teeth at NeoNet.

Another conflict in the area has largely resolved already, Ares security branch Knight Errant has essentially declared war on ALL security contractors in Boston. They have largely driven out Lone Star and are picking off smaller contractors one by one…

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Knight Errant seems to be the strongest security in this part, although the more expensive choice?
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-Strongest is a matter of opinion! I’d like to see them manage one of the Dead End’s shows…

Perhaps I spoke too soon, sorry for any toes I stepped on.
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An efficient, consolidated security concern with too much gun and collective testosterone. Yeah, that’s not gonna make our jobs harder at all. —Z //Fred Isaac’s Commlink. “The guy at the store said this one’s totally hack-proof!”

Corporate Politics

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