Character Sheet Template

The following link leads to a template for posting one’s character sheet in the Characters tab. It is a neat and proven system that is directly based off of the official Shadowrun character sheet but is greatly expanded. Open the document, copy everything, and paste it into the Crunch section of your character page (while editing, of course). Fill in information as appropriate and as dictated by the template, and be sure to follow the instructions of the opening notice. You are, of course, welcome to modify your own character page as you see fit.

Character Template Here

If you don’t understand something about the template, feel free to message Psion_Rogue, the original creator. If you want to better understand how it works, follow this link on writing in Textile and this quick HTML reference page. Modifications to the original document are allowed but, apart from helpful comments, not suggested.

Page updated: 11/1/11
Sheet updated: 11/1/11

Character Sheet Template

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